Tribute to Lloyd R. Apperson (1919-2008) wounded in Normandy July 27, 1944

Most the pictures here were taken by Lloyd or one of his buddies.
Here lies just a little of the cost of this war. (Lloyds handwriting). Lloyd and Louise before deployment. Before Normandy.
Traveled to Glascow Scotland on the Queen Elizabeth (Public Domain Photo). Arrived June 28, 1944. Arived at Utah Beach, Normandy July 8, 1944. Fought in the Hedgerows/Bocage (Public Domain Photo by US Army). Wounded during Operation Cobra on July 27, 1944 as part of the 90th division, 357th Regiment (Public Domain Map by US Army).
Hospital in England after Normandy. Recovering with friends. Hospital friends.
Physical therapy with a fiddle got his left hand working again. He had too much shrapnel in him to return to the infantry. B-26 Maurader and Private Apperson in Beauvais France. He was transferred to the Army Air-corps to repair aircraft. B-26, "Jest a Tool". He built aircraft (P-38s etc.) before he enlisted so it was a easy transition to fixing them.
Lloyd and a B-26. Group photo with repair crew Fiesler Storke at A-89 airbase Le Culot, Belgium.
With a buddy. A-26 with broken nose gear. B-26s in the twlight.
Buddies on the line. Captured HE-219 with us markings. Crews.
B-26 he worked on plus formation. JU-290. JU-290.
Students from the George W. Ferris School in Highland Park Michigan support the war effort. A P-38. Lloyd help build these before enlisting along with his mother and father-in-law Dyxie and Charles Forbes. P-47 and support.
Victory parade. Victory parade cowboys and cossacks Martyrs square in Brussels Belgium.
Illesheim train station. Winter train near Illsheim. R-10 airbase in Illesheim, Germany.
Captured Mistle bombers JU-88 + FW-190. Mistle bomber JU-88 + FW-190. Captured ME-262.
On top of the hanger. R10 in germany. Hunting for deer near R10.
Trucking Near ilbling germany. On the road to nuremberg.
Horrors of war. Sees destruction. Nuns in the rubble.
Buddies see horror of war. Nuremberg zeppelin field. Hillbilly band at furth germany.
Arch de Triomphe. German prisoners of war. Eiffel tower.
Notre Dame. At the movies. Gifts for Carol.
Things Lloyd brought back. Home on the SS Cape Cleare (A very unpleasant trip with 60 foot waves). First day back home with Louise and baby Carol.